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Angela has already sold it all on Zadaa. Designer pieces, bags, shoes, scarves and also make-up. In her spare time she is a successful thrift shopper, hobby cook and athlete, while her job is in the real estate industry. Despite all this she manages to replenish her boutique again and again with fresh items and to fill her piggy bank in a short time.

We talked to Angela and found out how she became a super seller. “70% of my wardrobe is currently made up of unique second-hand items. I always clean up in spring and autumn. Everything that I didn’t wear in the last year will be thrown out and sold online.” We desire her mix of passion for vintage fashion and a minimalist way of living. Why hoarding clothes in the closet that are no longer worn? It is important for Angela not to live in abundance and therefore she gives unworn clothes a new life. The more clothes a seller sells through Zadaa, the more positive reviews they can collect for a good shopping experience. This in turn gives buyers the security of concluding a good deal with you as a seller.

But now to the nitty-gritty. We asked Angela what exactly she likes so much about selling at Zadaa. “I think the sales process using a QR code is very advantageous and the shipping insurance of 10.000€ is just so secure. It’s easy and straightforward. ” We agree, it’s very easy!

To get a quick sale, Angela has a few tricks. “Take photos from every imaginable angle, put your favorites in the limelight. Suit together beautiful flatlays with accessories or just wear them to get a good picture. You should capture every detail with a photo: zippers, rivets, applications – simply everything that makes the piece special. In any case, be honest with yourself and also point out flaws fairly. “

The process of listing the clothes and selling them has quickly become a routine for Angela. We are pleased that the environmentally conscious saleswoman has so much fun trading secondhand goods on Zadaa. Let’s follow her as an example.

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