About music, travel and style with DJ Duo ALYGIA

For Alyssa Cordes and Gia Haupt, music is a big part of their lives. The two DJs form the DJ duo ALYGIA and recently released their first single “Remember me”. Music is their passion, even if that often means being up until late in the night. In addition to being DJs, Gia and Alyssa are running a very successful career as models.

The combination of both jobs entails that every day of their lives looks different. It means a lot of traveling, doing different jobs each day and creating new ideas again and again. 

We wanted to find out their secret of gaining some everyday life back, even though their days always differ. For Alyssa it’s the little things like getting up in time, mixing the same juice every morning and practicing some yoga afterwards. It’s about creating little routines for yourself.

But even if everyday life is missing, their lifestyle still has many advantages. For example traveling. Traveling around is not only fun for both of them but also brings great unique fashion items along. In order to avoid wearing what everyone else does, the girls love to shop secondhand on their journeys. Gia bought her favorite vintage piece, a leather jacket, on a trip to New York. “I love secondhand shopping in cities around the world. That way I carry home memories of these cities and my experiences there. That’s great”. Alyssa’s favorite piece of clothing is a red bomber jacket she got in London. “I always think of London as a cool city. And I do have a piece of it.” she says with a smile.

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