5 things trending right now!

First you see just one Michael Kors bag. Then you see another one. Suddenly MK bags are all over Zadaa. That’s what trending means. Our fashion team made a list of five things that are trending in Zadaa right now. If you are looking for these things, there are multiple ones to choose from.

Note! This can also be read as a “what to sell right now” list for sellers.

  1. Denim and jeans. Wear your favourite pair of jeans with a denim jacket, denim shirt, or denim top. Overalls and denim skirts are also coming back loud and clear. Just pick denim as the material in our search field and go bananas!
  2. Dad sneakers. First we wore white Converses and then white leather sneakers. Now we want chunky white dad sneakers.
  3. Tiny handbags and belt bags. Bigger is not always better. When it comes to handbags, belt bags and tiny handbags sell really well at Zadaa. The best thing is that there are good options for every budget. Will your new bag be a Gucci or a Gina Tricot bag? It’s up to you!
  4. MARIMEKKO totes and Unikko prints are hot, hot, hot. Unikko denim jackets with the big print are wanted and the prices get higher and higher. If you are willing to give up your coat, now it’s the time to do it. In Finland sometimes there is even a MARIMEKKO canvas bag carousel in Showroom.
  5. Athletic wear. If we would have to name five biggest brands in Zadaa, Gymshark would be on that list this year. The sportswear department is getting so big we had to consider dividing it to sub-categories.


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