UNCLOTHED: Marianna Mäkelä’s wardrobe

Maybe the most famous blogger in Finland, Marianna Mäkelä, opened her own boutique in Zadaa today. We visited her beautiful home and collected interesting stories and style tips about clothes she is selling. Read the stories behind her fashion pieces and get to know Marianna a little better. You can find all the clothes seen in these pictures in Zadaa, even the velvet dress in the banner picture. But if you want something, be fast, because Marianna has hundreds of thousands fans around the world!

Marianna’s style tip!

When wearing something looser a long string can be useful. With it it’s easy to make clothes fit better. Create interesting shapes into your dresses, knits and blouses with this simple style trick.

Marianna’s weak spot!

Marianna told us she loves to buy coats and jackets, but even more than those, she loves knitwear. In her wardrobe she has on full department just for her knitwear. There is a perfect harmony in those knitwear shelfs. We are jealous!

Marianna’s party theme!

Last New Year’s Eve Marianna invited her friends to party with her. She told everyone to wear something sparkly. This sequin skirt has a soft velvet base and feels almost too comfortable. This was Marianna’s choice for her NYE party.

Minnie’s (Marianna’s dog) choice!

Minnes loves Marianna’s furry coats and the one for sale is actually Minnie’s favourite one. This coat fit it’s owner perfectly, but we heard she has too many furry coats in her home and there is no room for this one. Sorry Minnies, your favourite coat has to go.


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

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