This is how to find your perfect secondhand boots

First, decide the color and the budget. Our search field is here to help you! You can start exploring boots that best fit your style. When scrolling through boots in Zadaa, pay attention to the fit the seller has listed. With our tips, it is easier to find the perfect pair of boots.

THE STYLE – What’s your preferred style? The tall boot, medium heel, solid color including the heel and sole, absolutely no detailing. Does this sound like a good start? If not, start searching for buckles, zippers, and other details. Or you can go with the plain model, but buy it in patent leather to make a statement.

THE COLOR – We recommend buying something neutral. So, which neutral will you wear most? Basic black or mahogany are always classy choices but you can also consider beige or dark grey too. Or what about the iconic yellow boot?

THE FIT – Do you have wide or narrow calves? What about small or large feet? A quick Google search can help you to find the brands that make narrow or wider boots. For example, it’s known that Timberland is good for wider feet.

THE BUDGET- You can buy cheap boots, but real leather and quality construction will last longer and be kinder to your feet. If you are a vegan, try searching for Pinatex and other new materials.


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