Fashion Q&A with Britta Laursen aka Miss Chique & Stylish

Tell us a little about yourself, and what made you start a blog?

I started the blog a couple of years back. Started on Instagram and then I created the Miss Chique & Stylish blog a year later.

The reason I started my online channels was because I felt that I needed a creative outlet for my fashion hungry heart. Even more so, because I have a regular 8-16 job next to it.

What does a typical day look like you?

On a typical weekday, I work a normal job from 8 till 16 o’clock. After that I go into full blogging mode, where I take pictures for my Instagram, write a post for the blog, sell unused stuff from my wardrobe and of course spend time with my husband and family.

What aspects of your job do you think will surprise others?

It usually surprises many people, who do not work as or with bloggers that it actually takes quite some time to create all our content.

It’s not just about taking a picture and throwing it directly on Instagram. A lot of time and effort is put into styling, photography, editing of images, scheduling the posts, emails etc, etc.

Where do you get your greatest fashion inspiration from (fashion magazines, social media, street scene) and why there?

I get the greatest inspiration from Instagram, because that’s where I can see what’s happening right now in terms of trends. I love following all the big bloggers and designers.

How long do you usually spend an outfit in the morning?

Surprisingly, not that long. I have divide my wardrobe into ‘workwear’ and ‘weekend wear’. So, it’s easy for me to pick something out during the week. However, it can take an eternity to choose an outfit during the weekend, because I have the opportunity to be more creative.

What are your best tips for putting together a perfect winter outfit?

My best tip is definitely to wear layer on layers. In addition to that, you can always pair amazing boots and a nice scarf with an outfit. It really spices it up!

Are there any trends you currently love? And some you might dislike?

I love the suit trend and especially if it’s gray checkered suits.

In addition to that, I’m totally crazy about sock boot, which have been very ‘In’ over the fall and winter. It’s easy to style with both jeans and dresses.


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