A look back at Zadaa’s 2020

Happy New Year dear Zadaa-Community!

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2021. What a great feeling to start a new year after last year turned our worlds upside down. Even though 2020 has left us with a bitter taste in our mouths, it wasn’t all bad. At Zadaa 2020 marked a year of great sustainable achievements, fun facts and the rise of a loyal community.

During the early days of this new year, we’ll take you for a deep dive into an ocean of unpublished Zadaa facts – that we only managed to reach because of YOU! Selling and buying secondhand fashion is a truly sustainable and incorruptible approach to a fashionable lifestyle. You may reinvent your style, add new it-pieces to your wardrobe and exchange them when you get tired of them without feeling bad about it. Secondhand is future proof and 2020 paved the way for it!

In order to find out how you contributed to a sustainable future, we’d like to play a little game, because who doesn’t like games? And as you may have seen already, Tuesday is Gameday! Here comes the rules: Check our Instagram @zadaa_app. We will ask you a question concerning a fact, you leave a guess and we will reveal the answer every Thursday on our channels! You may post the fact on Instagram and share with your community that you have been part of driving fashion sustainable!

#wearezadaa Especially the sellers among you often ask us for the most popular brands. Which one is a guarantee to sell in no time? Oh yes we know, Juicy Couture, Prada and Yeezy have been hot as hell! But have these been the brand that really sell? Here comes the Top 20 of YOUR favourite brands, that surely stay a moneymaker in 2021!

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