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Turn your wardrobe into a boutique and start selling your clothes and accessories.


Find clothes that fit from people like you who share a similar size and style.

Zadaa Package

Use Zadaa Package to deliver and receive items in Zadaa. It is the easiest, cheapest and most secure way to deliver fashion.

How does it work? Watch this short video or read more about Zadaa Package here.


About Us

Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps you to sell and buy clothes that fit by connecting people with a similar size and style.

  • We are the number one app to sell and buy fashion.
  • We want to make buying and selling fashion fun, safe and easy.
  • We love clothes, shoes, bags, people and the environment.
  • We aim to make it possible for you to buy safely fashion from people like you from e.g. New York.
500 000+
150 000+

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May 18, 2018

Meet Roosa Mononen. In her blog she writes about her life and style with beautiful pictures and peaceful mood. With her friends Roosa is part of the Pyjamabileet podcast squad, so if you want to know her better, listen what she has got to say. Life is not just about pink champagne and blogging, in […]

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